Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad

It has been 16 years since we celebrated Fathers Day.  I honestly don't remember that particular day, but I do know that we usually celebrated with a BBQ.  Grandma, Aunts and Uncles would come over, and we would BBQ, exchange gifts, and enjoy the start of a great Chicago summer.  This would kick off one of many BBQs for you.  I loved seeing you in your baseball apron, in the backyard grilling dinner.  You were the best behind the grill and in the kitchen.  You taught me how to cook.  I still brag about your skills.  You taught me so much about being a good Catholic, a good person, and about life in general.  I remember so many great things about you.  Me beaming when I saw you at any school events.  Me loving each meal you made, because I knew you traveled throughout the city to find the ingredients.  I was talking to my roommates today about TomTom Tomales.  If they only knew.

I set sail this week for an adventure of a life time.  I will be gone for so long, and have one hell of a responsibility.  I hope that I can count on your wisdom, guidance, and love to get me through this.  I have gotten this far because of you.  I still choke up every Fathers Day when I think of you.  How I wish I could spoil you with stuff I know you would never buy yourself, despite needing it.  So today I will honor your memory.  Pray for you, think of you, and love you that much more.  I just wish I could get one more big bear hug.  Those were the best.  I love you Dad.  Always.

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