Monday, June 11, 2012

A week in good ol Virginia

After a horrible bout of food poisoning, I finally began my drive down to VA.  I got there in 12 hours from Newport to Virginia Beach.

I was able to see some amazing friends.  Liz, Brad, Bogie, Sarah, and I just relaxed with the folks in my class.  I am lucky to have such good friends all over the country.  Living in VA, I forged some great relationships.

We went to Harpoon Larrys, Greenies (a few times), Taste Unlimited, Press, Hells Kitchen..

My old haunts as I like to call them.  Something about a day/night at Greenies that just makes it feel like home.  Beer, beach, live music.  No judgement, just cocktails.

Gibbs would be jealous.  A boat on a porch!

Me n Liz

Typical night at Hells.  Met some NHL coaches too.  No biggie;)

USS Wisconsin BB-64

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