Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving Day..From Hell

So I was super excited to see my stuff once again.  I lived in a furnished place in Rhode Island, and am currently in a furnished house.  Thus, I have moved my stuff from storage in one place, to storage in Florida.  I have some stuff, clothes etc here at the Florida house, but majority of my items went to a storage place until after my deployment.  I am lucky to have some amazing houses that I have, and am living in!

Today was the day that most military members fear.  Moving day.  And this is why.

I woke up, lucky to have the day off to do this.  Slept in til 6..don't tell my boss.  I showered, got ready, and drove to my storage unit.  Got some DD coffee, and called the moving company.  Fail #1.  They did not call me yesterday to give me a window for delivery times.  The nice lady on the phone said the truck was being loaded, and would arrive shortly, at least before 9.

I sat in my car, taking work phone calls on the cell.  9 am passes.  930.  10.  WTH?!  I call the nice lady again.  They were around the corner.  Nice.  Sigh of relief.  1030.  1100.  #$%@!  I call the HR company who set up my move.  I am livid.  I have sat in my car for over 3 hours waiting.  1130 I get a call from the moving truck.  They arrive at 1135.

Holy moly, not a good start.  Then the fun begins.  They are all pissed off because they got lost. If they had called me to begin with, it would have never happened.  Whatever.  Lets get this party started.  Then the unloading starts.  Checking items off the bill of lading.  Box #222.  Got it.  Box #226.  Got it.  You get the idea.  Then, as we unfold a mysterious looking furniture pad, I see it has a broken leg in it.  A leg that belonged to a new dresser.  #%*@!  Seriously?   So then I get even more suspicious of everything.  I check the condition of all the items off the truck, but woah.  Then they bring up a mattress.  A soiled, urinated on, pepsi stained, holy bodily fluids everywhere, nasty mattress.  Mine was months old when they packed it, IN A BOX.  This was wrapped, and had no # on it.  I told them it was't mine, and spent 15 minutes convincing him.  At least I keep good files, so I can prove which one IS mine. No box spring either.  Lost both!

So a broken dresser, missing mattress and box spring.  Here comes the couch.  It was wrapped and sealed in plastic.  The plastic was ripped, and mold covered the bottom of the couch.  OMGoodness!  It just kept getting worse.

I just tried to keep my cool the whole day.  Tried valiantly.  So I ended up doing some $400+ in retail therapy at Target.  Stocked up with toiletries and other items necessary for deployment.

Tomorrow is a new day.  A day where I go to work, and start my claims process.  Looks like I am getting some new furniture.

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