Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodbye Party

I went to Chicago last weekend for a quick trip back home.  I have been working my booty off at work, and was given a 3 day pass.

I needed it!

It was good to see family and friends.  I am going to miss them, I just hope email and snail mail is enough for when I am gone.

I was able to sleep, spend serious quality time with my guy.  Just what I needed.

Saturday night I had a going away drinks/dinner with friends at Fado.  Here are some group pics from the night.  Didn't include all of them..just a few good/funny ones!

I am lucky to have such good friends that came out.  Seriously.  Thanks for the well wishes and prayers!

Me n my guy.  Plus the best photo bomb ever.  

Southside High School best buds.  Love you guys!

Navy crew!

M and M.  

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