Saturday, June 9, 2012

These Past Few Weeks..

Have been a blur.  I have been incredibly busy at work, learning my job, ordering supplies, meeting new Sailors, and preparing for our deployment.  I have been working 12+ hour days, every day of the week.  I knew I had to take this weekend off, or I would get too burnt out.

What makes it all worth it?  All of my Sailors have specialties.  They are incredibly talented, and are extremely hard workers.  This week I had to work one on one with a particular Petty Officer, and she gave me a great compliment.  I had ordered her 2 things she needed to do her job.  These two parts didn't cost a lot of money, and were readily available, but no one else listened to her about why she needed these things.  It took me 5 minutes to help her.  Sailors need tools to do their job, but we as leaders are usually the first ones to yell at them because they couldn't do it, and not even ask why.  She told me after we had finished for the day, "Ma'am.  I really like you.  You haven't been here long, but you treat us well, listen to us, and change what needs to be changed.  Thank you for that."  I was blown away by that comment.

It is amazing what you can do as a leader. If you have a problem, find a solution.  Find multiple solutions.  It was a pretty stressful week, but that comment made it all better.  I know my Sailors have had similar weeks, and just a simple "I appreciate you working "x" amount of hours on that, you really did a good job", can make a huge difference.

I am looking forward to this tour of duty.  I am sure the next few weeks and months will be just as stressful, but I am eager to learn my job better, and continue to become a better leader.

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