Friday, January 3, 2014

Chicago Christmas!!

This is the final post..ok, not final, I have a recipe post from the trip!

The 22nd, I went over to my future-in-laws house to bake holiday treats.  I wanted to spend quality time with them while my guy was at work.  I made the best dessert.  Recipe to come!
We talked, drank some wine, and went to dinner.  It was a great day! 

The 23rd, we met with a wedding planner to get some ideas rolling.  Then I met with one of my bffs, and we headed to the South Side for a friend get together.  All of the girls from high school gathered, ate Mexican food, had a blast with the littles!!

The 24th, my friend's momma gave me a ride back up North, and we made many pit stops along the way.  The first one was to our fav bakery, Wolfs!  If you are ever near Evergreen Park, IL or Beverly, you have to stop there!!!  My guy and I made stops that day to his Aunt and Uncles house, and then to my middle brothers house.  We had so much fun visiting with family, eating, and playing with my nieces!

The 25th, we had breakfast, and then went to his parents house.  His mom made such a great Polish feast.  I was so spoiled that day!!

Magners with Meghan!

Middle Brother and I on Christmas Eve!

Me and my guy!


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  1. Wolf's Bakery is awesome! I looked into ordering cupcakes from there for our wedding!


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