Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Will You Be My Flower Girl?

So in terms of updating the world on wedding planning, I will post from time to time things I have done in terms of planning.  Doing long distance planning has been tough.  Not just because of the physical distance, but because most of my ladies are in Chicago.  I have friends all over the country, and I can always pick up the phone and talk with them like we were together the day before.  That is one thing that the Navy has done for me-given me the opportunity to make some amazing friends!

The first thing I have done was make these amazing cards for my flower girls.  I asked three of my nieces to stand up, and I sent these in the mail.

I just sent little cards, made with calligraphy pens, and filled the cards with confetti type flowers and wedding bells.  It cost a few bucks, but I enjoyed making them.  Now onto more projects and ideas!


  1. These are adorable! We didn't have any flower girls, only because we know zero young children, but I wish we would have! They are the cutest in their little fluffy white dresses!

  2. That's such a sweet poem! I loved asking my niece to be our flower girl, too! So special! I agree, the long distance is so tough! We're planning our Columbus wedding in Chicago with all of my family and bridesmaids across the country! Not ideal, but still fun! Thanks for linking up! :)


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