Friday, May 27, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Coffee shops..for whatever reason:)

I have been on a hunt for the perfect place since I moved to Chicago.  Each of the places I talk about have their ups, downs, and stories behind each of them.

Starbucks.  The one near my house is open 24-7.  Score for me for those days I have to get up at 0400 to get to work on time for whatever reason I have to be there that early.  Have had many run ins with crazy people here, like pimps, etc.  Not sure my story is PG-13 enough for the blog!  Click the link to see the yelp stories, I am sure they tell part of my story.  +1 for cake pops and low fat vanilla lattes

Argo Tea.  I know, not necessarily coffee, but amazing.  I love their Pom Tea, and the fact you can buy tea at local grocery stores.  You can recycle the glass container, and get money off your next purchase!

Intelligenstia.  Good coffee.  Strong.  Little bit of yuppie hell.  Always packed with people who just stare out the window and people watch.  Definitely compares to cruise-a-boo coffee.

Overflow Coffee Bar.  Gem in the South Loop.  Love it.  Reminds me of college:)  I would study at all the no-name coffee houses between classes.

from Overflow Coffee Bar.
picture from my Android:)

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