Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekend in Jax!

Again, I am behind on blogging.  Some of it because of work, some because my laptop "died".  Well, just as luck had it, I bought a new laptop last week at a huge sale in Jacksonville!

Mike flew in on Friday am, and we hit up Seasons 52 for lunch.  Holy cow, amazing food!  We had an excellent time here, and the food was to die for.  Highly recommend.  Lunch, girls night, was that good!  We relaxed that afternoon, and hit up Marker 32 for dinner.  My friend Amanda recommended it to me..and it was so good.  Like best meal ever good.  I had some great pan seared tuna, and fantastic fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. 
All dressed up for date night!

Saturday I made breakfast, and we shopped for a party later on at my apt.  We ate at California Pizza Kitchen for a quick lunch, and I made some apps and had wine for a get together at my house later on!  It was good to see my friends and show them my new place!

Sunday I made breakfast again, and we wandered off to the Jax Gun Show.  Mike got some stuff for work, and I got a knife for work.  We then came home, where I made a great Sunday night dinner.  There is something about taking Sundays for family, dinner, and good conversation that always gets me!

Sunday dinner

Sunday dinner.  Yumm!

Monday was our last day.  We went to the Jacksonville Zoo!  It was such a fun time.

Jax Zoo!

I can't wait for more people to visit me in Jax.  I love exploring..but it is more fun with guests!


  1. sounds like a great weekend to me and lots of good food!! i agree, i love exploring but it's always better with good company :)

  2. We have a Seasons 52 here and the food is great! I don't really like how small the portions are BUT I get that the point is to share several between the table (I just always order too many things ;)


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