Sunday, November 30, 2014


So I have been lucky enough to have my husband around for a few weeks, before he leaves and my life returns  Just have to finish my time in the Navy in Florida.  Luckily it is only a few more months.

I made him these recipes when we were home.  I can't wait to try some new ones on him when I move home!

Megan's Meatloaf with all the fixins.  Steamed veggies, garlic mashed potatoes, and some crescent rolls.

Tilapia  with steamed veggies!

Crockpot Mushroom Barley Soup and some good hearty wheat bread

Bite Sized Apple Pie dessert with the meatloaf.  Yum!

Crockpot Tortellini So good.  Especially with my pesto rolls!

Roasted Turkey Panini Fantastic sammich with some macaroni salad

Mexican Salad Made this one with some chicken strips for added protein

This guy was incredibly spoiled here!  Can't wait to make some more delicious home cooking!

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