Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Spirit..

So it just hit me today that Christmas is in..well..11 days.  I went to the dentist, and the woman who cleaned my teeth asked me if I was ready.  Then I realized...nope.  Not even close.  I haven't shopped yet, made food for 3 pot lucks in the next couple of days yet, sent out Christmas cards yet, the list just goes on. 

I have been so swamped, stressed with work that I haven't even taken the time ro realize what I haven't done. 

This seems to happen to me every year before the holidays, I get super swamped, and finally get in the Christmas spirit when I get to my holiday destination.  Last year, it was Japan..and I loved every minute of it.  Now, to get my butt in gear to get ready for next week!  First stop..getting those Christmas cards in the mail!!

The Real Christmas Spirit

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