Thursday, December 30, 2010


I went to Washington State for a couple of days to visit my oldest brother and his family.  Love visiting and being Auntie Mega-Mega (nickname I got because S couldn't say Megan).  They live about 2 hours away from Seattle proper via car, a little closer via ferry.  My brother and I took the ferry one day to Pike Place Market, to look around and explore.  He hadn't taken the ferry or gone to Seattle yet, and we wanted to check it out before they went and had a few kids in tow. 

I never realized how rainy Washington was until I got there.  They always say, rain rain rain.  They were right.  I saw sunlight for a whole 10 minutes in 6 days.  How depressing. 

Here are a few great photos I took from that day!!

Start of the Ferry Ride

Love this Market..fresh seafood!


Bought some salmon, crab, halibut..

Love this Raspberry Lambic

10 minutes of sunshine

Wine I bought to go with the halibut.  Yum!!

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