Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Traditions!

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons.  Starts with school (usually), football, then leads into hockey season, pumpkin spice smells, and apple pies.  Who doesn't love all of that?!?
  • One thing I have done the past 3 years since I had been living in Chicago was attending homecoming at my Alma Mater, University of Illinois.  I always went to the Alumni BBQ for my work with one of my closest friends.  I am sad I can't go this year, due to moving (once again). 
  • Cleaning my apartment, and decorating for fall.  Autumn leaves, candles, tablecloths, placemats, I go all out for fall.  I don't even decorate for Christmas.  Seriously, I don't. (usually because I am travelling for the holidays!) The fall scented candles also come out.  I can't wait to stock up at Yankee Candle after I move in a few weeks!
  • Baking.  I love baking anything with apples, pumpkin, etc.  I am quite the baker, and quite the cook.  So I am told. 
  • Long Drives.  I love driving and looking at all of the trees turn is simply amazing, especially in Illinois!
  • Bon fires.  We had a fire this past weekend, and I love the smell, the warmth, and the conversation!



U of I Homecoming 2010.

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  1. i am an illini alum,too!!

    great blog!

    Fall is my favorite season :)


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