Sunday, September 11, 2011


9-11 is a day that our generation will remember like our grandparents remembered Pearl Harbor.  Both days will live in infamy.  This isn't my story, but it is one worth sharing. 

I heard an account in 2005, from my Commanding Officer, and it brought our entire ship to tears.  I am glad he shared this story with us, because it is so amazing.  He had served in the Pentagon on 9-11, and survived by sheer luck.  He went to a soda machine to buy some sodas for some of his Sailors, and the next thing he knew, a plane had struck the Pentagon.  He, and his fellow shipmates, did what they could to save lives, and get a command center up and running.  He had given one of his ITmen (an Information Systems Tech, a Chief at the time) the day off to allow him and his wife take their son to the airport for a class trip.  My CO was like that, always helping Sailors put family first.  That Chief came back to the Pentagon in flames, and immediately went into crisis mode, patching up phone lines, computers, etc.  The Admiral went up to my Commanding Officer and told him that this Chief's son, had died on Flight 77, the one that hit the Pentagon.  My Commanding Officer told the Chief, and despite his loss, he stayed with my Commanding Officer until the command center was set up.  He said it is what his son would have wanted him to do.

The young boy who died that day was Bernard Curtis Brown II.  A scholarship has been set up in his name for military children to go to space camp.   This scholarship is fitting, since the trip he was going on was a National Geographic trip for school.  Please pass this information on to any 6th-9th graders you may know, so they can learn, and help Bernard's legacy live on. 


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