Thursday, September 1, 2011

Has it really been 1 year?!?

I started this blog a year ago today.  I was starting the two month stretch of sitting in my apartment, recovering from what should have been a routine surgery.  During those two months I watched a lot of Food Network, cooked a lot, and grew as a person.  I was stir crazy, and had some of the best people ever by my side.  I had great friends help me out with Bella; I made a lot of goodies for those who did walk the worlds greatest dog, and I fell even more in love with Mike.

I hope this year, even with the change, will bring me as much adventure and happiness as last year.

I moved once so far this year, I fell in love with an amazing man, I grew many existing and new friendships...

These are the things I am most proud of.  I love my family, friends, and, of course, my Bella. I can't wait to continue this year with my new friends, old friends, and new adventures.  Each step of the past 7 years in the Navy has been an adventure.  I look forward to the challenges, to the experiences, and to living in yet another state.

I miss Chicago, and I hope that the future brings me back there, often, and permanently.  There is something about that place that is just magical.  Something about BYOB sushi with friends, a crazy girls night during restaurant week, date night, celebrating a CUBS win!, etc.  It truly is the greatest city in the world.  I created this blog, as a memory of my travels and my time in Chicago and throughout the world.  I just started my travels, and it has been amazing.  Meeting new people, discovering new places, catching up with friends has made the month of August a blur.

I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me!

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