Friday, September 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

So many memories surrounding Thanksgiving!  When I was a kid, it was a day spent going to Church in the morning with my dad.  Then I would come home, and help my mom make her homemade stuffing before our guests came over.  We would always have my grandma, and one great aunt and one great uncle come over for the holidays.  These were some serious holidays.  Full of great smells, great people, amazing stories.  After dinner was gobbled down, dessert was had, the guests left. Then my parents, siblings and I would play board games.  Trivial Pursuit was the game of choice. 

As an adult, Thanksgiving changed a bit.  While I was in college, I spent Thanksgiving at home sporadically.  I had to work that day my Sophomore year.  I was in NROTC at the time, and we had to work the Illinois/Northwestern game.  My mom came to Champaign for the game, so I got her some awesome seats.  She sat in the first row in the end zone, right near the cheerleaders.  It made her day.  After the game, my Commanding Officer and his wife cooked all the midshipmen who worked the game, and their families, dinner. 

I think this holiday has meant much more to me since I have been in the Navy.  I remember each holiday vividly. 
2004-I spent the day onboard USS Iwo Jima.  My boss and I helped the cooks onboard, especially with the dishes.
2005-Same as above.
2006-Spent it onboard the ship, but we were coming back from our deployment to the Gulf.  It was such a normal day, but a great day spent with my shipmates.  I have a lot of funny stories from that day!
2007-Was home for 2 weeks in the middle of deployment (again), so I spent the day with Misty, Brian, Jerry, and Joe. 
2008-2010-Had the holiday in Chicago with my middle brother and his family
2011-Will be spending the day with my guy and his family. 

I don't remember any holiday as vividly as this one.  Maybe it is because of the meaning of Thanksgiving, or perhaps because of the amazing food?  Either way, I am thankful for so much in my life, and I can't wait for this Thanksgiving.  I haven't been in Chicago since the first week of August, and it will feel so good to be home!

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  1. you have a good memory!

    enjoy this year's at home with family :)


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