Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

I definitely needed a 3 day weekend.  I just finished another module of school with a 3 hour essay exam on Friday am.  Yikes.  Let's pray I passed, and if I didn't, pray for another shot at it!

  • Lunch with my homies on Friday.  Met some "new" homies (aka folks who are going to Florida with me!)
  • Great workout Saturday am
  • Errands, groceries, etc Saturday
  • Ghost tour of a Castle.  Belcourt Castle was amazing!  The owner was the nicest lady!
  • Pizza at Via Via...yummy.  Game night.  Love meet up groups.
  • Brunch at a place I won't name, because I have never been treated so poorly by a server in my life.  We felt like the scene out of Pretty Woman.  So sad.
  • Lazy day at home with the pup on Sunday.  Sooo cold.  Made an amazing dinner. Promise I'll post the recipe soon.  Watched the Lovely Bones.  Incredibly sad movie.  Good representation of the book by Alice Sebold. 
  • Good run on Monday am.  Ran into old shipmates.
  • Lunch and shopping with friends in Providence.  Bought an electric blanket.  Definitely feel old.  Priorities go from awesome shoes to electric blankets.  Hmm.
Solid weekend overall.  Who says winter has to be a bummer?  I say bring it on. 

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