Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Here is my post from last year.  I am going to focus on those three things, because I think I did them well last year, but not well enough!  I am also adding one..

1. Make a cook book.  I have completed great strides at making new recipes often.  I had to have a break during some of my moves.  I am in a rut right now, but my guy and I watched about 2 hours of Food Network yesterday, and all I have to say is standby for some future delicious recipes!

2. Invite friends over more often.  I have had a few dinners at my house in Newport, and have hosted 2 brunches.  Lets just say much more of that will happen, especially when I have visitors!

3. Work out more.  I let this stupid month blow by me, and I am going to get back into it like a crazy lady.  Must pace myself, and not hurt myself, but I need to be healthier.  Studying and working every day from 6 am until 8-10pm was not conducive at all to my work out schedule. Although I do have to say, my run time on the PT test was my best time in 3 years! 

4.  Take a photography class, or join a meet up group.  My guy bought me a nice camera for I have been talking about for over a year.  I just never had the drive to get it for myself.  Now I can take better pictures, especially during all of my travels/deployment!

What are your resolutions?


  1. these sound good to me :) a new camera-lucky u!!


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