Saturday, January 28, 2012

Go For The Goal

I saw this on Meghan's blog, and knew I had to participate. 

Thought this would inspire me to keep on trucking with my New Years resolutions..and other goals in general. 

My New Years Resolutions were pretty practical this year.  Nonetheless, I want to keep them!

1.  Make a cookbook.  I have tried many new recipes this month.  All of them were simply amazing.  My resolution was to cook at least 1 new thing a week. I also signed up for Blurb, to design the book.  I tried a different book last year.  Fail.   The cook book is coming along..I want to make it for me, somewhere I can put my fav recipes and give them to my family.

2. Invite Friends over more often.  Success.  I had some friends over a few times, but the best was having all the folks who live in the barracks over for a home cooked meal.  I know I hated living in the barracks.  I am looking over to more of these get togethers. 

3. Work Out More.  Another success.  I have lost some weight this month, and have loved every minute of my new work out plan.  I do Zumba with the girls every Saturday, and work out after class when I can.  It is still sporadic, but my job is a bit crazy right now.  Next goal is to do Yoga every weekend too!

4. Photography.  I have only gotten out once due to the weather to mess with my new camera.  I have been taking photos of the recipes I have made, and those have turned out amazing. 

Next goal:  Do 30 for 30 again.  I need to get rid of some clothes before my next move.  Yes, moving again.  This way, I can put together outfits I "actually wear", and donate the stuff just taking up room. 

What are your goals?


  1. YAY! Thanks for playing along! I love your goal of creating a cookbook - can't wait to check it out:)

  2. I haven't started spreading this yet, and I probably should to keep myself accountable -- but I told Quinny I was going to join her 500 miles of running for the year challenge.

    So, I started writing about it a few weeks ago. More than anything, I think I started writing as a way to journal and keep myself thinking about it. But, if I share it w/ other people, I'll be more inclined to use it frequently! I'm trying to get her to add to it too...

  3. great list!! thanks for joining the link up. happy to have you!!


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