Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It is...

that time again.  Moving time.  I confirmed that my moving company will be here next Wednesday and Thursday.  Holy cow, time flies!

I have been packing the essentials from my "how to" series.  You can read my madness here.  Today I concentrated on the clothes and uniforms part of it.

I need to do the admin, other, bathroom, stuff, etc.

I feel okay I guess..but with a final exam in between all of this, the stress factor goes up a bit.  Just trying to stay on a roll today, and get as much done as possible.  Thank goodness I am in a furnished house!

I just have to go through the stuff that has to go with me to Florida, and the rest goes into storage.  So sad that I haven't seen my stuff since last July, and I won't see it until next Spring.  It will be like Christmas morning unpacking my storage unit!

I will post all of my lessons learned on here later!

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