Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keep Calm and Freak out a little bit..

I came to a realization today.  I am moving.  Soon.  I am starting a new job.  Soon.  I am moving to 2 different states in a week.  Ugh.  Plus, I can't see my family like I wanted to. (I.e. vacation was cancelled).   Enter freak out moment.  I am used to separations.  But not like this.  Seems like this one will be about a year, and that is unusual op-tempo for what I normally do.  The Navy has started a steady strain on longer deployments.  This is tough because of the 24-7 nature of what we do out at sea. So, my response was freak out.  Breathe.  Plan.  Trips booked, calender sent out to family.  Now I just have to finish my organization and what to pack in my car.  I am only taking what I can fit, so I have to be smart about it!  Bella won't fit, so she is flying to my brother.  I won't see my girl for a year, but when I get her back, I am sure I will have an awesome place in Florida for her to come back to!

I am off to class once again.


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  1. hey lady - message me! we miss you. what's going on? -dawn


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