Friday, April 13, 2012

Today in Photos

Bella.  Megan Gill 2012
Easter Flowers.  Megan Gill 2012

Bella.  Megan Gill 2012

Sun Bathing.  Megan Gill 2012

Perfect.  Megan Gill 2012

April Flowers.  Megan Gill 2012

Murphy.  Megan Gill 2012

Good Boy.  Megan Gill 2012

Delilah.  Just hanging out.  Megan Gill 2012
I love my new camera, and figuring out new settings, and new ways to capture every day life.  I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous day out, and neighbors with photogenic dogs.  Bella has to pose every time though.  She loves sunbathing in the nicer weather.

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