Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind weekend!

Pics will be posted after I sort through them..

  • Drove to AC..Atlantic City for short
  • Got stuck in NYC traffic
  • Made fun signs saying "At Least it is Friday" on an IPAD to cheer up our fellow drivers
  • Listened to some jams
  • Laughed.  A lot.
  • Gambled in our resort.  Woohoo penny slots baby!
  • Walked on the boardwalk
  • Basked in sunny, gorgeous weather
  • Ate at EVO.  Great salad, better convo, stiff drinks.
  • Walked around some more, enjoying our "Jerseylicious" scenery
  • Gathered our group of 6 to go to dinner at Caesars
  • Went to a male review
  • Laughed even more.  
  • Stayed up and chatted about work and life
  • Drove to a Jersey diner
  • Laughed some more
I realized I am blessed to have opportunities like this to travel to a new place for a weekend, and spend it with some close girlfriends.  Half of us deploy soon, the other half later.  One standard is we will always have each others backs, no matter what. 

To the Bachelorette:  my lady.  Love you tons.  I have known you for 12 years, and we run into each other so much in our careers.  I have decided that it is fate, and I am so glad we got to spend this one last crazy fun weekend together!  

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