Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Life

I love to scrapbook, make photo albums, etc.  This process always took me forever.  Then I found a few bloggers that use Project Life.

I am hooked.

It is easy, fun, and I actually make 2 pages for each week.  Sometimes it is tough for me to figure out a layout, but that is because I am a perfectionist.

I showed my binder to some friends, and they love it.  I wish I had thought about this "easy" way to scrapbook earlier.

I am looking forward to documenting the every day on my blog and with Project Life.  I also make photo albums on snapfish that encompass every year.  I tried a few other websites, but Snapfish is my favorite.  Easy to use, and great service.

Which reminds me, my 2011 book still isn't done..ah hem.  That may be a project soon!

Do you use Project Life or any other format of scrapbooking?

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  1. oh boy this sounds dangerous to me, because i am sure i would become addicted to it :)

    thanks for the birthday wishes,by the way!

    happy weekend!


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