Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Travel Advice/Sites

So the inevitable is coming up-planning the honeymoon.

There are a lot of factors that are going into this: time off, $, destination, time of year, and how long the trip can be...

I am not getting a lot of time off for the wedding in a traditional sense.  I am a bit worried about planning at this point, even though I shouldn't be.  But hey, as a perfectionist..that is why I struggle! 

Any of you have any great ideas on how to plan a honeymoon?  We really want to go to Ireland, and make the most of our time there.  Amazing how I have never been there.  Or NYC..but let's not start on the random places I haven't been;) 

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  1. Hey there - stopping by from the WW link up. I'd love to go to Ireland too. We're going to the Excellence in Playa Mujeres (in 11 days!!) for our honeymoon. We really wanted to just relax in a tropical area. We looked into Grenada and Barbados but both were almost double what we are paying for Mexico, so maybe another time! You just have to decide if you want to relax or doing a little more sight seeing which can be tiring in itself. Either way, it'll be great!! Look forward to following your wedding planning!


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