Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspirational Read

This past summer I was talking with a Chaplain that I work with, and I noticed that he worked a lot with the Navy SEALs.  He also happened to be the Chaplain that did the memorial service for the SEALs killed during Operation Redwing.  I knew that the "lone survivor" of Operational Redwing wrote a book, so I decided to pick up a copy.  I read it front to back in two days, struggling to put it down, even for work.  It is that good. 

The website for the book is

Reading about this operation, which was only a few years ago, and how Marcus Luttrell survived his ordeal...really put a lot in perspective for me.  We are a generation of complainers..nothing is ever good enough, everything seems to be a tragedy, etc.  The men who fought that day, the men who went to rescue Marcus, the villagers who risked just makes you think.  It makes you realize how fortunate you are, and how lucky I am to be in the greatest Navy in the world.  Lucky to have these brave men, called SEALs fight for our freedoms each and every day. 

Next time you need an inspirational read, pick up a copy of Lone Survivor.  I can guarantee, you will love the book.

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