Monday, January 10, 2011

Spinach Stuffed Shells

I was making my kitchen a complete mess today!  First, I baked some wonderful chocolate muffins from my favorite online flour store, King Arthur Flour.  I made these muffins.  Yum!!

mid baking..little messy, but amazing results!

I had my friend over for dinner, and I made a recipe for Spinach Stuffed Shells.  They were pretty tasty, especially with some red wine from Torres winery, good salad, and french bread with some great oil and dipping spices.  Amazing! 

Ingredients for the shells

Before I added the sauce on top

about to go in the oven :)

Table ready for girls night!
Each serving costs around $1.35, less if you don't use the ground turkey.  I might make this meatless next time and just make a thicker sauce.  Glad to have some left over for tomorrow!

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