Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite Things Friday..

This post is most certainly different for good reason this week.  I missed last week in the midst of travel, but this week I have been inspired.

I am a girl who usually always speaks my mind, but this one post I read this week definitely did it for me.

You can read Clover Lane here.

Her post on the 23rd was about little girls growing up too fast.  I see it every day.  When I went Christmas shopping for my 12 year old niece, wow.  Those clothes in the stores were more scandalous than anything I have ever owned.  I am almost 30.  I work with 18 year olds on a daily basis and the language I hear out of their mouth shocks me as well..and I am a Sailor.  What happened to letting little girls be little girls, and teaching them how to be a lady.  Teaching them about respect, manners, how to treat others, how to have goals to be successful.  They are surrounded in a world of famous people, awful novels, and even worse tv shows. I am so proud of my SIL for teaching her daughter as well as she has, and trying to keep her as a kid.  12 year olds don't need to watch certain shows, or wear certain clothes, etc etc.  Parents need to be parents, and not the child's friend.  They have friends.  Parents need to make "tough" decisions.  I was fortunate that I saw my older siblings go through their teen years while I was just a tike.  I remembered the "that isn't fair", the "you are grounded", etc etc talks.  I didn't want to be a strain on my parents, have them worry, go around their back, etc.  I knew I could go to them if I had a problem, and I also knew that if I screwed up, I would get punished.  I know it is tough to be a role model, but if you set the example for others to follow, such as treating yourself and others with respect in the way you talk, act, dress, etc..that is one helluva start.  I just hope that if I am ever blessed with a daughter, that I can make sure she has the childhood that I had, with Barbies, American Girl Dolls, Nancy Drew books..the list goes on.  Not "shelter her", but teach her what is important in life. 

**End Rant**

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  1. I so hear you on this!! It's amazing to watch girls grow up makes me very nervous to become a parent!


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