Monday, March 21, 2011

San Diego

I went to San Diego last week to attend the SSLA (Sea Service Leadership Association) Leadership Conference.  It was a Joint Leadership Conference with women from every branch of military service. 

This was the third conference I have been to, and by far the best.  I met more mentors, and just had an overall great experience!

The first day, we heard from many inspiring people.  Some of them included: Ambassador Verveer, Ms. Tammy Duckworth, Ms. Geena Davis (yes, the actress), a panel of female flag officers, and Captain Dawn Halfaker (USA Retired).  These were only a few of the people, but I have to say that Ms. Tammy Duckworth and Captain Halfaker were the best speakers that day.  Both of these women are wounded warriors, amputees from OIF.  Never seen two women with such perseverance.  Ms Duckworth is also a Major in the Illinois National Guard, and in charge of the VA.  If you ever get a chance to hear her speak, you definitely would not regret it. 

The second day was more specialized with the services.  I sat in the Navy Session, and heard from VADM Ferguson, and MCPON.  Wow..of all the speakers, they were just the motivation we needed for the day.  After the morning session was done, I went and attended a Surface Warfare Officer session.  I didn't enjoy the session last year, so I was a bit skeptical this year.  I was able to talk to two female post-command officers, who have made a big impact on me staying in the Navy a little longer.  They were surprised to see me, because they thought I was leaving the service.  It is people like them, folks that can manage a professional and personal life, that give me this inspiration to do the same!

On a different level, I got to catch up with some great people in California!  I saw Mikey, Chrissy, and Amy and Ben.  I wish I got to see more people, but the conference definitely took up a lot of time.

View from my hotel room

Fellow Illini

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  1. Ahh! I love San Diego! It is such a beautiful city!


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