Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Patience is a virtue.  It is something I have been lacking all week because it has been craptastic.  I hate being down about anything, but holy crap, this girl needs a break.  Just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong the past three days.  It wasn't like one big thing..just a multitude of tiny itty bitty things that really added up, and prevented me from accomplishing anything. 

I am glad that I went to Ash Wednesday service today.  I almost had a breakdown earlier because of computer issues involving a paper due tomorrow.  Luckily, the bf said "pray for patience".  And I did.

I know I have a chaplain or two praying for me, that helps:) 

Prayer for Patience

Lord, teach me to be patient - with life, with people,and with myself. I sometimes try to hurry things along too much, and I push for answers before the time is right. Teach me to trust Your sense of timing rather than my ownand to surrender my will to Your greater and wiser plan. Help me let life unfold slowly, like the small rosebud whose petals unravel bit by bit, and remind me that in hurrying the bloom along, I destroy the bud and much of the beauty therein.

Instead, let me wait for all to unfold in its own time. Each moment and state of growth contains a loveliness. Teach me to slow down enough to appreciate life and all it holds.

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