Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Resolutions Update #2

So I know if I don't keep revisiting my "Resolutions", I will never do them.  Luckily for me, it is the end of March, and I am still going strong.

You can read about last months update here.

1. Make a cook book.  I started it, and wow is it a task..but well worth it.  If anyone has any recipes they would like me to try or contribute to the "book", let me know!

2. Invite friends over more often.  I was doing well with this until March hit because of travelling.  I am trying to set up a brunch for the ladies for April as soon as I get my calendar straightened out.

3. Work out more.  Definitely going well on this with the exception of the last week.  Its ok, got a run scheduled today. :)  I signed up for a 5K for April, and a Half Marathon for September!  I also got an appointment with a nutritionist just to see if there is anything else I can do to be "healthier". 

Still going strong on these 3, as well as my 30 for 30 challenge.  I have probably only spent $300 on clothes the past 4 months.  Just keep wearing what I have, and it saves me money and time doing laundry, etc.  I never realized how much money I spent on clothes until I did this.  I would buy an outfit for an occasion, and wear it once.  Not anymore!! 

Although, Spring/Summer are here..kind of.  So that means new clothes.  Lets see if I can pick up some awesome basics soon!  Watch out Jcrew..


  1. Oooh! Which races did you sign up for???

  2. I am doing the Run to Remember for the CPD and the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half. I will be living in the DC area for 2 months, so I figured it would be a nice weekend getaway! (plus I used to live there!)


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