Monday, October 14, 2013

I Heart Weekends in Jax!!

So I finally had a 4 day weekend. Yup.  After I worked over 12 hours for 4 days this past week, and was exhausted by the time Thursday evening came around.  I think I even forgot to eat dinner.  Yep. 

Friday I ran some errands on base, went to get my car maintained, and met a friend for lunch.  We actually hit up the Olive Garden.  I haven't been there in forever.  Salad and healthy (under 500 cal) pasta (Ravioli de Portabello).  Yum!  I hung out most of the night Friday.  Just cleaned the house, and hung out with my puppy.

Saturday was a big day.  I went to Jaxtoberfest with friends during the day.  I got a mean sunburn.  They had great bands, good beer, and good food.  I wasn't really in the mood to drink all day, and the sun was a blazing, so we went home early. 

Sunday I god locked out of my apt building.  Long story:(  Kind of put a hamper on some plans, but I did end up going to a fundraiser with friends!  All proceeds went to a local dog rescue!

Monday I hosted brunch at my place.  I love hosting brunch, and having company.  It is a good excuse to clean;)  I also shopped for an upcoming trip, and grabbed some amazing sushi at Bento.  Oh my, it was amazing. 

Life-size beer pong.  Yup, they thought of everything.

I keep forgetting that yes, It is still hot in Florida, and ouccchhh.  Sunburn hurts!

Holy moly.  Mac and Chees bites.  Made with orzo.  Amazing.

Me n my ladies.  So much fun with these gals!

Col's first taste of Jager.  She was pretty excited!

Sushi.  And my foot.  But really great sushi. 

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