Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trip to 1

So after my quick trip to VA to visit family, I picked up my boyfriend at the airport, so we could spend the weekend in Annapolis, Maryland.  He had never been there before, and I have been about a dozen times for various occasions.  Football games, name it. 

When we arrived, we went on a tour of the Academy with a friend of ours, we were in town for his wedding!  Mike loved the tour!  After the tour we ate lunch at Armadillos.  Yum!  I may or may not have assisted the economy with a serious shopping spree at Re-Sails, Lou Lou, Black Dog, and the Pink Crab.  

After my shopping binge, we had "date night" at O'Briens.  I love their food.  We had oysters Rockefeller, some crab cakes, and white wine.  We then met up with friends at the Federal House, for pre-wedding festivities.  After that, some more cocktails before bed...

Meeting up with my Navy gals was the highlight of the day.  I miss my girls! 

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