Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fredericksburg Battlefield

I knew that I had to do a tourist day in Fredericksburg at least once while I lived in Northern Virginia.  It was an amazing day.  I spent the day on my own, and I took a trolley tour of the town.  The tour guide was a sprightly, entertaining retiree.  His jokes and sense of humor made the tour so much fun!  I decided to retrack some of the tour, to take pictures.  After I walked around the town, I went to the Battlefield and the Sunken Road to explore on my own. 

Visitors Center

Notice the Cannonball.  Still there!

Slave auction block.

Mary Washington's Home.

The Sunken Road

Angel of Mayre's Heights.

Self Portrait.  Must have 1.


Field artillery

I loved walking around on the Battlefield on my own.  I have developed a love of these sacred grounds over the years.  I have seen Verdun, Normandy, Pearl Harbor, and countless others. Visiting these places makes me appreciate history, and the sacrifices those fallen soldiers made. 

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  1. how neat! i would love to travel to these areas as well one day. :)


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