Friday, November 18, 2011

Plenty to be Thankful for-21st Century!

Our country, and our world has come a long way in the past 11 years. 

I am thankful for Independence.  I am thrilled that we are a society that is starting to fight genocide, and other atrocities world wide.  I am glad that countries in Europe and Africa still fight to gain independence from oppressive regimes.

I am thankful for technology and medical advances.  I appreciate that so many of my friends are in professions that make this stuff happen! 

I am thankful that the US Navy has allowed women to serve on submarines.  Women have made advances since 1994, and are continuing to do so!

I am hopeful to an end to the Global War on Terror (GWOT).  I have been in the military for a while, and I have seen a great deal.  I have deployed to places I never thought I would go before 9/11.  I have seen countries, people, and cultures that have taught me many things.  I hope that more people in the 21st century become educated, and NOT always listen to the media.  I have deployed with the media 3 times, and I see what they write and give back to CNN, Fox News, etc.  It is usually 15% of the truth.  I hope that the 21st century does not repeat past history, and our society can move forward.

via US Navy

What are you thankful for in the 21st century?  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love your perspective on this topic! YAY for women in the military!


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