Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a Weekend!

I had an awesome weekend in Newport, RI.  It was a whirlwind, but in an awesome way!

  • Went shopping.  Desperately needed some new fall shirts for the wardrobe.  Got great deals at Banana Republic!
  • Walked around Thames
  • Went to Hotel Viking for Restaurant Week.  Amazing!
  • Took Bella for some nice walks.  She enjoyed the sun and fall weather!
  • Worked on my project for "Do Something Day".  Will post about that next week! 
  • Cleaned the house
  • Went grocery shopping, ran more errands for brunch.
  • Got a hair cut.  Holy 2 inches gone!
  • Enjoyed a nice evening dancing at Christies and the Boom Boom Room
  • Made brunch for my girl's birthday!
  • Recovered on couch from a helluva time!

    Yay new hair cut!
    I am shocked as much as you are.  It is in a ritzy restaurant.  So confused..and they had a great DJ!

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  1. what a fun weekend!! :) shopping is always better when it is a success.


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