Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plenty to be Thankful for-The Blogoverse!

I am thankful for the Blogoverse because:

I get to meet awesome people like you every day!  I learn so much and find a new appreciation for people, places, things, and professions every day when I read what is out there.  It is amazing!

I love discovering new blogs each day, finding and trying recipes (I try to post one new recipe a week). 


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  1. my "recipe" for chocolate popcorn is this: make popcorn, dump in tupperware (take out unpopped kernals though!), melt 1/4 cup or so (i love chocolate so i don't really measure it) of chocolate chips then dump into tupperware container with popcorn (cover it) then shake up and let sit for a few hours so choclate can harden....then enjoy!!! :)

    i just made this up a couple years ago so nothing real fancy about it lol


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