Monday, February 13, 2012

Newport, Rhode Island Bucket List

So I made a bucket list for Chicago, so I thought it was only fair to complete one for Rhode Island:

Cliff Walk October 2011
Easton's Beach
The Breakers October 2011/February 2012
The Elms
Marble House
Fort Adams
Naval War College Museum

White Horse October 2011/February 2012
Cafe Zelda
22 Bowens November 2011
Scales and Shells October 2011
Tuckers Bistro
Black Pearl October and November 2011
Clarke Cook House

Mudville Pub too many times to list
Clarke Cook House (Boom Boom Room) November 2011 see post here
Red Parrot
One East Pelham
Blue's Cafe

Shopping: (no links bc there are too many stores to list!)
Bannisters Wharf (Hellooo alex and ani) Every month
Bowens Wharf Every month
Lower Thames December 2011
Only In Rhode Island Every month.  They make great care packages!

What is on your bucket list?

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