Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You for Being Your Own Advocate

These words were said to me by my pharmacist today.  I got home from an "awesome" day at school=4 hour written exam, and was reading the news.  Then I looked at Facebook, and saw that one of my friends posted an article about a birth control recall. got my interest, so I took a look at it.

My brand.  Ok..I go to the bathroom, get the box.  Go to the FDA website.  Yup, my exact lot. 

Next step, call the pharmacy.  They asked me to come in.  I got there about 3 minutes later, and the wonderful pharmacist helped me.  She took my old meds, is calling the company that makes the drug, and put in a huge order for replacements.  I was the only one who had come in thus far, but the issue is that they had to pull everything.  Yikes. 

The last words of the pharmacist.  "Thank you for being your own advocate."

This is extremely true in the medical field.  If you do not help yourself, you will not get results.  She told me that they are not required to call you, only if it is life threatening.  Luckily I need it for hormones, and am ok, but it is still scary to know your perscription got recalled. 

I am just glad I caught it, read the FDA website, and took action.  I will pass this advice on to matter what it may be.  Medicine recall, car recall, kids toys, etc.  Read the advisories.

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