Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out of my rut..

I found myself over the past few months to get into a rut.  A rut with cooking, a rut with working out.  I found myself concentrating so much on school, that I lost focus on myself. 

I petitioned friends for their favorite recipes, and got a great response.  I have been making healthy, delicious food, and losing weight.  I have also been making progress on my cookbook.  Much needed progress.

I have been working out more due to the buddy system and the dailymile widget.  I have a friend at work who works out with me after class, and even on weekends.  We cycle, do yoga, and zumba together.  It is so much more fun with a buddy.  I have lost over 6 pounds this past month.  I love my friends for motivating me!  The widget is extra fun.  Thanks to E for pointing it out to me in her endeavor.  No worries, I'll start running again.  It is just soooo cold in Rhody.  Can't deal running outside in the cold.

Have to leave you with a WWI recruiting poster.  I love these posters, and am thrilled with the fact that the Navy is making strides with modern ones.  I will hopefully post some more.  These definitely give me motivation to do what I do each and every day. 

Can't wait to move to go to my next adventure.  Destroyer Navy here I come!


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