Saturday, February 12, 2011

All you need is love 5 and 6..

I didn't put up 5 yesterday because I was swamped with work.  Fridays can tend to be hectic and a bit of groundhog day all in one.

5..What I love about my friends is..

They are there for me.
They visit me, and I visit them..for some of the best girls weekend ever!
They make my heart happy.
Even though they may live all over the US/World, we can pick up right where we left off!

Me and Kim out and about on Michigan Ave.  Goofing off as always!

Me and Ellen before one of many Chicago Cubs games we have been to!

Erin, Jim, Me in California!

Allison, Mel, Dawn, Me, Erin.  California Dreaming..

Meghan and Megan.  We love baseball and beer. 

Colleen, Me, Jen.  Chicago!

Me and Liz.  Shopping in Chicago!

Laura and I enjoying some good food and beer after I sat in 3 hours of HR Traffic.  Love this girl!

Mindie, Dave, Me.  Norfolk!

The gang outside the Union League Club of Chicago.  Oh what a night!

Nikki's going away dinner.  Summer 2010 Chicago

Tara and Me at the Hawks game!

Me, Sarah, and Josh.  Go ILLINI!!
These are only a few photos of me and my friends from May 2009 to now.  Shows how often we love to travel, enjoy each other's company, sports, and beer!!!

6.  What I love about blogging is..

I can post recipes, pictures, and share life with my friends and family!  I am moving all over for the Navy pretty soon, and I will leave my wonderful hometown of Chicago once again.  I also learn so much and get inspired from all the other blogs I follow!!


  1. i love your answers for both days - so true!

    thanks for linking up again - i'm so glad to have found you and your blog through our challenge!

  2. Friends & blogging... definitely two of the greatest things life has to offer! :)

    Thanks for coming back for day 6!


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