Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite clothing stores.   I say my style and taste have changed greatly since 1. I graduated college and 2. I started earning a steady paycheck.  I wouldn't say I spend a lot on clothes, but I am pretty conservative and preppy.

1. JCrew.  I love how preppy it is and how well the clothes fit.  Having an outlet close to my job doesn't hurt, either.
2. The Gap  Dangerous.  There is a Gap literally about 1 block away from my house.  And I get coupons all the time from them.  But hey, I got $500 of clothes for $150 this past fall.  Win win.
3. Boden  Just discovered this gem recently.  Love their clothes.  I hate catalogue shopping, but I can't resist this place!  Just bought some more stuff from them this week..
4. Anthropologie  Dangerous X2.  Especially if I go there with my good friend Ellen.  I always tend to buy a ton of stuff, but love it all!
5. Club Monaco  Best going out clothes and all around chic look.  I have bought a few shirts, and a nice, long winter jacket here.
6. Francescas So easy to shop here.  Just bought some cute shirts there before my last trip out East. 

Glad it is February so I can take myself out of "no shopping" exile.  Maybe an outfit from Francescas is what I need:)

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