Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I lived in Norfolk for 4 years..and have a top 5 favorite bars/sea food places that I absolutely love. 

1. Greenies.  Hands Down Awesome.  This is one of those places that isn't just one "group" of people.  You have Navy guys, bikers, surfers, etc.  Great beer, decent food, awesome location and atmosphere. 
2. Hells Kitchen.  Favorite Bar.  Can pretty much find me here if I am in town visiting.  Purgatory is the best drink.  Ever.
3. Scottie Quixx.  Who doesn't love a bar with caipirinhas.  And the occasional poser.
4. Harpoon Larry's.  Schlitz, Rum Runners, and awesome seafood.  I used to go here almost every day.
5. O'Sullivan's Wharf.  Great Norfolk Gem!

I will have to make another post for my other favorite restaurants in Norfolk, but these are my fav bars/seafood joints. 

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