Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So usually there is a lot of "hype" around snow storms in Chicago.  This storm was no joke.  I was a junior in high school during the storm of 99, and I remember shoveling all that snow.  That, and taking 7 hours to drive home on the Edens back in 2008 made me realize, "go home early..and take the train!!!".  I got home on the bus around 4pm, and it was white out conditions and wind gusts from 50-70mph. 

I took out Bella, and saw a woman get blown down the street.  Then another woman..and another. 

Then LSD, just east of my apt, got shut down.  You can read about it here

LSD last night via Chicago Tribune
I will probably take some of my own pictures once the drama outside dies down.  The wind is so bad I just go out to take the pup out to do her thing, and go right back in.

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