Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I have already covered my favorite bars/seafood joints in Norfolk, now onto my other favorite places.

1. Francos.  Awesome Italian food.  Shout out to Mikey for taking us here!
2. Charlies.  Best breakfast place ever!  Steps from where I used to live, and loved going there.  Plus they serve beer.  Just saying.
3. Baker's Crust.  Great place for lunch with the girls.
4. No Frill Grill.  I went here for dinner every time I came back from deployment.  Crab cakes and beer. Yum.
5. Freemason Abbey.  Classic nice dinner spot.  Always a good choice!

Dessert...Doumars!  Home of the ice cream cone. 

I miss Norfolk..and can't wait to visit this summer!

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