Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 7 and 8..

Day 7

My brother and I took Bella for a walk, and explored The Point while Mike slept in.  I woke him up nicely when we got back so I could cook everyone some breakfast.  It was raining on and off that day, so we drove to the Brick Market Mall and walked around.  Many nice stores there, and up and down Thames Street.  We ducked in Speakeasy to get away from a downpour, and enjoyed a pint of Pumpkin ale.  It was just what we needed.  We then continued to Bowen's Wharf, and ended up getting some chowder at the Black Pearl.  Great chowder.  We shopped a bit after, and noticed that they can and sell the stuff.  Who wants me to ship them some chowder??  We continued to wander and shop, and stumbled upon The White Horse Tavern.  The sign said "Oldest in America".  We had to see if this was the case, so we enjoyed a pint of Guiness there.  Yes, it is the oldest bar in America.  Pretty awesome.  We went home and relaxed, talked, and then headed out to dinner at the Fifth Element.  We shared some mussels, which were made much differently that what I am used to.  Amazing nevertheless.  I had redfish and arugula salad for dinner.  Yum!  I want to come back here, too.  Most of the nice restaurants in Newport have a few appetizer selections, a few salads, and a few dinner entrees.  I like this because it guarantees fresh food, and it is easy to decide what I want!

Day 8

I had to take my brother back early to the airport today.  After that, I slept for an hour, and we went to the Hungry Monkey for a small breakfast.  My friend recommended it.  So good!  We relaxed for a bit at the house, and then headed to Bowen's Wharf for the seafood festival.  I wasn't feeling too well, so we came home and I slept until we had dinner with a dear friend of mine and her family.  We went to Anthony's.  Great for group dining.  The stuffies were amazing!
Mike had to leave the next day which was sad..but we had an amazing week together.  So happy to see him again!!!

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  1. i will admit i have never gone apple picking, but i would love to give it a try :)


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