Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My first few days in Newport!

Day 1

I left Dahlgren, VA around 6 am to start my drive to Rhode Island.  I was so happy to leave, but sad to leave my friends in VA.  It was amazing driving up 95, seeing states and cities I have never been to.  I can't wait to go to NYC for a weekend.  I have been all around the world, but I have never been there! I got to Rhode Island around 3pm, and met my realtor.  She gave me the keys to my castle, and showed me around.  It is a beautiful B&B, and I have the first floor for Bella and I.  It is perfect for my time here in school.  Great location, nice yard, and cozy.  After I unpacked my car, I walked around The Point, which is where I live.  It is a historic neighborhood, with many homes dating back to the Revolutionary War, including mine.  I took some photos, and went to an Irish Pub, Buskers, for dinner.  It was a busy day, being Columbus day weekend, and a quick dinner at the pub was just what I needed.  I then walked around the area, and wandered into The Ball and Claw.  Beautiful store with coastal goodies and gorgeous hand carved furniture. 

Day 2

I woke up and immediately started to get the house in order, room by room.  I had visitors coming, so I needed to ensure the house was organized, bedding was clean, etc.  I then went grocery shopping, and hit up the Walmart and the Stop N Shop.  The Walmart wasn't that impressive, rather small than what I am used to, and not 24 hours.  The Stop N Shop trip was a success, and I started to stock up my fridge and pantry.  I went to brunch later in the day with a friend of mine from Great Lakes.  We had some breakfast burritos at the Salvation Cafe.  Very trendy, and amazing food. I am looking forward to more brunch outings there!  After brunch I got my paperwork in order, and prepped for Monday.  I wanted to check into work, and prep for my boyfriends arrival to Newport!!

To be continued..for more food updates, and adventure..

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