Sunday, October 30, 2011

Washington DC

Another part of my East Coast Living and Travels!

I have been visiting the District ever since I was 16.  My brother worked in DC, so I always loved our visits.  He taught me a lot, and since he has a great memory like I do, he always remembers where he took me, and the best place to get amazing food.  I have been to Old Ebbitts about 4 times in the past two months, mostly because we went there.  It is also the go to place for my good friend E and I to go visit our former boss. 

I went to these restaurants with one of my good friends.  Loved them.  Great Italian at Il Canale, and Union Pub is like home..on the East Coast!

Il Canale.  Amazing food!

Union Pub.  Bears Mecca in DC. 

Union Pub

Go Hawks!

Oh Corey Crawford...

I am not sure when my next trip to DC will be since I am in Newport now, but I love it there, and have some amazing friends there. 

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