Friday, October 21, 2011

Days 5 and 6

Day 5

Today I went for another nice run, and checked into work.  It was nice to get some initial paperwork done.  Mike and I went to a few stores, like PETCO, to stock up on food for Bella.  We stopped at the Brick Market Mall to get some sandwiches at the Italian market.  They were amazing!  We went home, took a nap, and headed out to the Breakers and to the Cliff Walk.  It was a bit overcast and rainy that day, but the tour of the Breakers was just as amazing as the last time I was there.  After the Cliff Walk, we headed to Scales and Shells.  I had the most amazing broiled scallops!  Highly recommend this place!

About to start our tour of The Breakers!

The Breakers

Amazing back yard!

Mike and I in the back of the Breakers!

Cliff Walk


True Cliff Walking..
Day 6

My youngest brother was visiting today to bring my Bella back to me!  He had some horrible flight delays, and other drama with the airlines.  This gave Mike and I some time to see some more sights.  He had never been wine tasting before, so we head to the Newport Vineyards.  Good choice!  I really enjoyed the Rochambeau and the Rising Tide.  We ate at the cafe next door, and headed up to Providence.  I needed to go shopping before we got my brother and Bella.  I have noticed one thing about Rhode Island, and it is that streets signs are not always placed...well...appropriately.  I feel like I am guessing most of the time when I am driving.  No fun. 
We got Bella safe and sound, and all 4 of us went back to Newport.  She travelled so well, which made me happy.  She had a long day, too.  After we got her settled at the house, we headed out for the traditional Thursday evening at the Officers Club.  Lobster Night!  Lobster and veggies at a great price.  I have never actually prepped my own lobster before, so it was a fun experience.  We then came home and talked for a while at my kitchen table.  I have the best table in this house.  Perfect for warm conversation!

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